From Produkt To Product Service

Continuous Product optimization based on Condition Monitoring and Machine Learning


Axtrion consults and supports you in implementing Azure IoT services to open up new business areas and improve your productivity. We help you with planning and development of IoT scenarios for the automated monitoring of your products. With Azure Machine Learning data is analyzed to develop solutions to improve your business processes.



Barrier-free data collection

Connection Of Machine Data And Integration in Business Processes


With Azure IoT scenarios, you get a scalable Azure IoT Hub that is hosted in the cloud and that guarantees secure and reliable bilateral communication between your IoT applications and the managed IoT devices.


Your Advantages

  • Secure Communication Channels
    Protection of devices with individual identities and the possibility to revoke access authorizations for certain devices. Securing communication through encryption
  • Integrated Device Management
    Centralized connection and management of IoT devices on a per need basis
  • Complete Integration of your Applications
    Simplification of IoT application development through the use of “serverless computing” and creation of IoT hybrid applications
  • Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance
    Condition monitoring of the IoT devices for the predictive planning of maintenance in real time (Predictive Maintenance)
  • Business Intelligence
    Acquisition and storage of status and machine data as well as measured value acquisition over longer periods for visualization in reports and dashboards

Our Services

  • Consulting and Planning
    Analysis of your IoT applications and mobile devices and planning of IoT scenarios
  • Deployment
    Development of the IoT components in the cloud for communication with your IoT infrastructure via secure channels, data analysis via AI / machine learning and visualization of real time and historical data
  • Connectivity
    Inclusion of your IoT end devices in the device management of the cloud as well as interface expansion of the IoT applications for direct data transmission to the IoT hub
  • Monitoring and Reporting
    Monitoring of the IoT components via dashboards and automatic report generation with a history view

Product optimization using AI

We offer you Solutions for continuous optimization of your Products


Azure Machine Learning services provide you automatic data analysis with the aim of optimizing your manufacturing processes and increasing productivity.


Your Advantages

  • Cognitive Services
    Use of data and algorithms for modeling and solving general problems such as text or image analysis and recognition of objects.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    Creation of transparent machine learning models for the automated generation of predictions and recommendations for measures
  • Solution Development
    Solutions to specialized problems through data collection, cleanup, transformation, algorithms and model training
  • Enterprise level Security and Compliance
    Restrict access to the corporate network or through Azure security policies. Protect your resources with built-in controls and custom roles that control access to identities, data, and networks

Our Services

  • Data Analysis
    Development of models for data analysis
  • Deployment
    Creation and provision of Azure services for machine learning to solve problems based on defined data models.
  • Result Interpretation
    Deriving recommendations for actions to optimize manufacturing processes and increasing productivity.