Focus on your Core Business

We offer you fail-safe solutions as managed cloud services from the head floor to the shop floor


With the consultation and provision of Azure Infrastructure Services, Axtrion helps you overcome the limits of existing on-premises IT infrastructures and reduce their administrative costs. In Microsoft Azure, you have demand-driven computing capacities and highly scalable IT infrastructures, for which costs are only incurred based on actual usage and not based on the availability.





Lift and Shift

We offer you the climbing aid for your IT in the new world


With the Azure virtual machines, you can use scalable computing resources to run your applications in the cloud and thus achieve advantages over the use of conventional on-premises IT systems.

Your Advantages

  • Optimally designed IT resources
    Virtual machines configured according to your individual requirements with maintenance by Microsoft
  • Demand-oriented IT Costs
    Reduction of operating costs to a minimum through time-controlled machine runtimes and usage restrictions based on actual requirements
  • Location-independent working
    Worldwide, secure access to software applications through execution on virtual machines in the cloud and highly encrypted data access. This makes home office possible with the use of company IT.

Our Services

  • Virtual Networks
    Creation of virtual networks in the cloud to accommodate your Azure machines
  • Deployment
    Short-term provisioning of the virtual machines and installation of your on-premises applications / software
  • Connection of the End-Devices
    Configuration of your end devices for secure access to the virtual machines
  • Access Control
    Protection of data access exclusively via highly encrypted VPN connections
  • Operation
    Monitoring and maintenance of the virtual networks and the virtual machines

Security is not a coincidence

We offer you the right disaster recovery solution for your business


Azure’s backup services are cost-effective backup solutions for the continuous and reliable backup of your data.

Your Advantages

  • Azure and Local Backup
    Backup of Azure virtual machines, SQL workloads, Azure storage shares and local VMware computers without additional infrastructure
  • Consistent Applications
    Application-consistent data backup via snapshots of the machines
  • Security of Cloud Backup Data
    Encryption of the backup data with selectable retention times and access via multi-level authentication
  • Management of Cloud Backup Data
    Central administration of all security elements and data

Our Services

  • Backup Strategies
    Creation of concepts and strategies for a reliable backup of your company data
  • Data Storage
    Provisioning of infinite storage capacities for the cost-effective storage of your backup data
  • Automation
    Definition and configuration of guidelines for the time-controlled, automatic backup of your IT resources and retention of backups
  • Data Recovery
    Rapid data recovery of entire machines, databases, storage locations and individual elements

Storage without Limits

We offer you tomorrow's storage solutions today


Azure Storage provides you with highly scalable storage space in the cloud, which you can use directly while maintaining the flexibility, performance and compatibility of your local IT resources.

Your Advantages

  • Joint, collaborative access to company data
    Worldwide use of the storage by different end devices (Windows, Linux, macOS) with the industry-standard SMB protocol
  • Complete storage space management in the cloud
    Provisioning and usage independent of hardware or operating systems. Maintenance of the underlying hardware and software by Microsoft
  • Fast data access in the intranet (caching)
    Caching of the data held in Azure Storage on local file servers using the Azure Storage Sync Service to ensure quick data access
  • High availability of company data
    High availability of data as a basic concept

Our Services

  • Deployment
    Setup of storage locations with enough space for your company data
  • Data Protection
    Configuration of highly secure encrypted access for your team
  • High-performance Data Access
    Connection of local servers as cache for fast on-site access as well as direct access from the workstations
  • Data Backup
    Automated backup of data with well-defined retention policies

Serverless Computing

We offer you scalable services for organizing your data anytime, anywhere


Azure provides you with managed SQL databases in the cloud that adapt to your requirements regarding data volume and access performance.

Your Advantages

  • Smooth Migration
    Moving from on-premises databases to Azure SQL Services without adapting the application code.
  • Scalability and high availability of the databases
    Guaranteed availability of 99.995% and on-demand scalability to adapt to growing requirements and optimize business continuity for critical applications
  • Integrated Machine Learning
    Safe, reliable AI technology for high-performance database. Self-optimization to maximize your DB applications. Detection and reporting of disruptive events.
  • Advanced Data Security
    Data acquisition and classification, security risk assessment and advanced threat detection, and data protection through encryption and automatic replication
  • Multi-level Access Control
    Protection of database access through firewall rules and user authentication

Our Services

  • Data Analysis
    Analysis and structuring of your company data to build efficient databases
  • Datenbases
    Conceptual design, creation and configuration of Azure SQL databases to accommodate your company data
  • Migration
    Moving your company data from on-premises databases to the cloud
  • Provisioning Secure Access
    Secure connection of your applications in the on-premises IT in order to use Azure SQL Services together with other enterprise workloads
  • Operation
    Monitoring and on-demand scaling of the databases
  • Data Backup
    Regular database backups with real-time restoration and creation of guidelines for data replication across multiple locations