Axtrion offers ready to consume Platform and Infrastructure as a Service cloud solutions based on Microsoft Azure that enable customers to leverage and focus their time and resources on their core competence.

Axtrion’s Microsoft Azure services include analysing the business requirements and providing data, storage, compute and networking solutions, on a pay-per-use basis for compute-intensive analytics, application hosting, application development and testing, archiving and even ongoing production workloads. Our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) combined with Platform as a Service (PaaS) offer businesses a fully managed solution for securely hosting easily scaled, custom software applications, virtual machines and network, Storage/SQL databases, Active Directory, Hadoop or even Azure’s media streaming services.


Microsoft Azure consists of components that provide many different capacities. Axtrion offers a comprehensive set of consulting services for Microsoft Azure to help you in making the right choice for your business and extend your IT infrastructure without any upfront investment. Whether you require Azure to build web applications that run and store their data in Microsoft data centres or just to store data for applications that run on-premises Axtrion has hands-on experience in managing complete IT Infrastructure, Application Lifecycle, Network, Storage, Security, Back up and Disaster Recovery solutions based on Microsoft Azure.



Axtrion consulting services help customers in making the best use of Azure Apps Services to create, deploy and manage websites and apps for any platform or device. More importantly our consultants will show you how to use Azure as a platform to easily connect with on-premises applications (SAP, Oracle, etc), or to easily integrate your applications with other SaaS solutions (Office 365, Dynamics CRM, etc) and automate businesses processes while meeting stringent security, reliability, and scalability needs.

Our Azure Apps Services consulting covers the following topics:

  • Azure Active Directory for centralised identity and access management
  • Azure Multi-factor authentication adds a critical second layer of security to user sign-ins and transactions
  • Reduction in total cost of ownership by developing and testing on scalable azure platform
  • Automatic distribution of media for a high-performance access to global data centres
  • Built-in AutoScale support (automatically scale up/down based on real-world load)
  • Virtual networking support and hybrid connections to on-premises databases
  • Enterprise-grade web apps with geo-distributed fault tolerance and high throughput



The Azure Data Services provide a central place for various forms of data storage and make the data storage, backup and recovery more efficient and more economical. Axtrion’s consulting team is experienced in advising customers about best usage of Azure Storage; For instance, elastic and massively scalable storage and processing for hundreds of terabytes of data to support the big data scenarios required by scientific analysis and media applications or storing small amounts of data required for a small business website.

Our Azure Data Services consulting covers the following topics:

  • No-SQL document databases as simple, fast, elastic solutions to store and process data
  • Extensive query and indexing capabilities to allow content-based search in documents
  • Configurable and scalable cloud-based and hybrid SQL databases with easy monitoring
  • Backup vaults in the geographic region of one’s choice with encrypted data transmission
  • Highly efficient, location independent disaster recovery
  • Disaster recovery testing without disrupting normal daily operations
  • Instant recovery downloads only the data needed by applications for fast RTOs (recovery time objectives)



Axtrion Infrastructure Consulting services help businesses to overcome the limitations of existing on-premises IT Infrastructure and its management overheads. Using Microsoft Azure our customers have access to on-demand compute resources and highly scalable infrastructure with no minimum purchases or commitments. We consult you in deploying a wide range of computing solutions with Azure Virtual Machines nearly instantaneously and you pay only by the minute.

Our Infrastructure Services consulting deals with the following topics:

  • Setup and configuration of virtual machines and virtual environments
  • Creation and upload of a custom image of an existing on-premises server to run on a virtual machine in Azure
  • Control and configuration of all aspects of your network with Virtual Networks
  • Microsoft Azure Virtual Networks for solutions requiring advanced connectivity in the cloud
  • Enterprise apps in Microsoft Azure requiring connectivity to on-premise resources
  • Identity management and access control with on-premise resources(on-premises Active Directory)
  • Remote monitoring and trouble-shooting of resourcesrunning in Microsoft Azure
  • Cloud deployments requiring persistent IP addressesand direct connectivity across services


We offer the following service packages for a successful implementation and integration of Microsoft Azure for your business.




One of the first areas we help customers realize the benefits of cloud computing is storage. In fact storage is the first bridge to cloud for many customers and one of the fastest growing patterns of consumption, along with compute. Axtrion helps customers move storage to the cloud along with other enterprise workloads. We also use third-party tools to automate encrypted and compressed data cloud backup.

Service Description
  • Data analysis to offer greater scalability and cost-effectiveness for storage
  • Data analysis and consulting regarding Azure SQL Database, Azure Table storage or Azure Blob storage
  • Creation and configuration of SQL, NoSQL or NewSQL Databases according to data requirements
  • Integration of Azure Storage to on-premises IT and mobile devices
  • Strategies to combine multiple data storage capacities
  • Worldwide, secure access to databases and file storage resources
  • High availability, performance and scalable storage resources
  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO) because you pay only for what you use (no license required)
  • Information protection by data encryption and automatic replication
  • Optimization of Business Continuity




Microsoft Azure comprises a number of integrated services and is a highly flexible cloud platform to host your business processes. Axtrion is a cloud native firm and our team has hands-on experience with Azure and will help you in planning, implementing and managing your infrastructure and applications on Azure platform. Axtrion provides strategic IT services to reduce your overall technical burden and allows you to put your focus on highest value activities for your business.

Service Description
  • Integration of on-premises and cloud IT resources for hybrid operation
  • Provision of virtual machines for on-demand usage of computing resources and running on-premises applications in the cloud
  • Creation of secure virtual private networks with connection to the on-premises network
  • Creation and deployment of specialized applications as a cloud service
  • Provision of apps for mobile devices with a central data processing in Azure
  • Combination of mobile cloud applications with other Azure services
  • Creation of websites with links to on-premises IT infrastructure and applications
  • Establishment of communication channels to combine different IT systems via BizTalk Azure Services
  • Flexibility to respond quickly to new lines of business
  • Lower implementation costs – Shift from capital budgets to operating budgets
  • Refocus internal resources on development and innovation
  • More robust system availability – Enhanced disaster recovery
  • Enhanced collaboration and productivity as your data, apps, and infrastructure in the cloud are accessible anywhere, anytime and on virtually any device
  • Total transparency (minute-by-minute costs) into what gets provisioned and by whom to provide business leaders control over their IT costs




Axtrion consults customers looking to minimize operating costs and increase scalability and flexibility of their IT. Our Azure team helps customers with migration of their data, applications and / or infrastructure, plans and executes the project carefully in a multi-phase way to help customers manage the change in their organizations gradually. Furthermore, we also offer workshops and training courses for their workforce.

Service Description
  • Analysis of customer’s IT environment to assess suitability of the desired migration to Azure
  • Analysis of requirements for system viability in Azure
  • Determination of memory, storage, and CPU utilization required
  • Determination of tools to support integration with Azure
  • Estimation of project costs as well as of recurring costs for the customer
  • Setup and preparation of Azure environment for the migration
  • Migration of data, databases, application and / or infrastructure to Azure
  • Monitoring the integration within the organization
  • Workshop and training for customer’s workforce
  • Minimized operational costs and reduced administrative overhead
  • Flexibility to scale up or down IT costs according to organization’s requirements
  • Refocus internal resources on development and innovation
  • No upfront investment required to test new business scenarios
  • Migrated data or applications are accessible through mobile / smart devices ensuring ability to collaborate
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity are payable




Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) provides an easy way for businesses to manage identity and access, both in the cloud and on-premises. Many applications that are run on-premises rely on Active Directory for authentication and access permissions. When these applications are moved to the cloud, it becomes necessary to extend the Active Directory into the cloud, as well. Axtrion helps customers in protecting sensitive data and applications both on-premises and in the cloud with integrated multi-factor authentication ensuring secure local and remote access with Azure AD.

Service Description
  • Analysing the requirements and mapping them to the most suitable directory integration scenario
  • Setting up the environment for synchronization
  • Automatic synchronization of users, contacts and groups that were created in the on-premises Active Directory
  • Implementation of single sign-on (SSO) using corporate credentials
  • Customization of the user sign-in page
  • Limitation of access to cloud services based on the location, client type or Exchange endpoint of the client
  • Multi-Factor Authentication to add an extra verification step to all of your cloud-based applications and services
  • Security monitoring and machine-learning-based reports to identify inconsistent sign-in patterns
  • Azure AD extends your on-premises directories so that users can use a single organizational account to securely and consistently access their corporate resources
  • Azure AD offers comprehensive reports and analytics to reduce costs and enhance security
  • The Azure AD SLA ensures that your business runs smoothly at all times and can be scaled to enterprise levels
  • Azure AD can be used as a standalone directory service in the cloud or it can be synchronized with your on-premises Windows Server Active Directory infrastructure
  • Users get the convenience of single sign-on for both on-premises and cloud based applications
  • A big advantage of Azure AD is that it works with all of the different computing platforms that enterprise users are increasingly using to access their work resources in this BYOD era: Windows desktops, laptops and phones, Mac OS X computers, iOS-based tablets and phones, and Android devices


Axtrion sees itself as a long-term partner for its customers and offers a comprehensive range of support services post consulting, migration to or integration of Azure platform and services. Our support focuses not only on technical issues and maintenance activities, but also on extensive training for your IT administrators and users.

Axtrion’s support portfolio provides you with flexible and cost-effective ways to enhance your experience with Microsoft Azure.

Trainings and Workshops

Microsoft Azure for SMEs
This course provides an overview of Azure platform and functionalities focussing on the advantages for small and medium-sized enterprises and why they must take Azure into consideration when planning investment in their IT. With real world scenarios this course also delivers examples on how Azure is an extremely useful choice for SMEs.

The training session covers the following topics:

  • Introduction of Cloud concepts – SaaS, PaaS and IaaS
  • Introduction to Microsoft Azure technologies
  • Overview of PaaS and IaaS features and possibilities with Azure
  • Introduction to:
    • Cloud Storage
    • Cloud Identity
    • On demand virtual machines
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Migration to Azure
  • Real world examples showing possible applications of Azure
Introduction to Microsoft Azure VMs
This training is designed to provide fundamental knowledge about setting up and running virtual machines on Microsoft Azure.

This training covers the following topics:

  • Basic overview of Virtual MAchines and Virtual Network Services
  • Create a Virtual Machine running Windows in the Azure Portal
  • Create a Virtual Machine running Linux using the Azure Portal
  • Overview of appropriate virtual machine size according to your needs
  • Default settings and configuration of optional features
  • Dashboard and Reporting
Microsoft Azure Networking Fundamentals
This training deals with the basics of Azure Networks and how to setup secure environments to run your virtual machines and applications.

This training covers the following topics:

  • Basics of Azure virtual private networks (VPN)
  • Multi-Site VPNs
  • Azure Network overview and design
  • Creation and configuration of VPN
  • Building test VPNs
  • Testing basic connectivity
  • IP addresses, subnets and access control policies
Microsoft Azure Identity and Access Management
This training helps you explore the meaning of hybrid identity, the various types of identity, and the different tools provided by Microsoft which can be configured to provide identity services. It also provides a quick look into design, deployment and monitoring of identity services.

This training covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to Identity – On-Premises and Cloud
  • Basic overview of Azure Identity
  • Basic overview of Plan and Design
  • Basic knowledge of deployment on Azure
  • Monitoring tools and services