Project Logistics based on Dynamics 365

Aug 28, 2016


With the introduction of Microsoft Cloud Platforms Office 365 and Azure Axtrion deployed a comprehensive IT infrastructure for LSA Logistik Service Agentur. The local IT at LSA has been completely replaced by Microsoft cloud services. Consequently, there is an increase in efficiency through collaboration among the teams and the customers of LSA. Furthermore, Axtrion implemented web-based Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Power BI for LSA for an enterprise-wide logistics management. As a result LSA can now offer its customers a comprehensive service and more real-time information around the project.

Office 365 and Dynamics CRM

Office 365

Office 365 and Dynamics CRM

Azure File Storage

Office 365 and Dynamics CRM

Dynamics CRM

Office 365 and Dynamics CRM

Azure SQL Database

Office 365 and Dynamics CRM

Power BI

Field of Business

Since 2004 LSA belongs to the group of neutral companies that are independent of corporate affiliations operating in the field of Logistics Planning and Management (4PL) in Europe. As an external logistics department LSA offers its customers consulting services for planning and management of complex logistics processes. In addition, LSA supports actively in implementation and controlling of logistics processes and carries out best practices in the projects.


To carry out their projects LSA works in close cooperation with its customers. Efficient tools were required for the exchange of information and coordination inside the company as well as on customer’s premises. The service of the LSA includes not only consultation, but also monitoring and active control of the logistics processes of its customers. Therefore, IT to support the Project Controlling activities was acquired and configured in advance for each project. As a result, there were high up-front investments per project.
Axtrion’s task was to find a solution to promote collaboration enabling a real-time logistics management together with a scalable IT infrastructure. Most of all, up-front investments and running costs were to be reduced along with the handling of load peaks.

Project Realisation

Axtrion deployed Microsoft cloud platform and technologies including Office 365, Azure File Storage, Azure SQL Database and Power BI at LSA. In conclusion, LSA had a system implemented that fulfilled their requirements for improved collaboration and an IT supported logistics management in projects.

The documents and data were transferred to Microsoft Azure services File Storage and SQL Database. With the help of Microsoft Power BI Axtrion processed the data for amanagement of logistics processes and visualized the data as Key Performance Indicators in Dashboards. These dashboards update automatically several times a day. The peoject dashboards were also made available to LSA customers in close cooperation with LSA.

Consequently, Axtrion has significantly optimized the LSA business processes.

In order to address the complex issue of warehouse management processes, Axtrion introduced Microsoft Dynamics CRM at LSA complemented with an inventory and warehouse management module. Axtrion then connected it to Microsoft Power BI for the visualization of the CRM data. With this entire system, the ground for a comprehensive monitoring and control of logistics processes has been setup, starting from contact management over the sales processes such as proposal management, contract management, invoicing and warehouse management to Dashboard-based Project Controlling.
Office 365 and Dynamics CRM


Axtrion could meet the requirements of the LSA for a scalable IT solution with management functionalities. The fail-safe system allows an on-demand, timely use of project-specific IT resources with minimal upfront investment. LSA and their customers have a real-time overview of their project data, from anywhere, also on mobile devices such as tablet and smartphones.
By using Microsoft cloud platforms Office 365, Azure, Power BI and Dynamics CRM LSA has achieved the following benefits:

  • project specific, on-demand usage of IT resources
  • Location independent monitoring of logistics processes
  • Real-time information about logistics
  • Insight on project dashboards by LSA and its customers
  • Mobile access to project data
  • Improved collaboration by using modern communication technologies
  • Avoiding up-front IT investments
  • Acceleration of business processes, both internally and at customers
  • Complete disaster recovery and business continuity in the cloud
  • 99.99% availability of applications and data
The presentation of project metrics in real time on web-based dashboards and with worldwide access helps us to assess the project status, if required. Through this we can take appropriate and timely measures in projects, if required. Axtrion demonstrated the potential of modern cloud technologies based on very quickly realized solutions. This IT can be used in new projects virtually at the touch of a button.
Roger Heidmann

CEO, LSA Logistik Service Agentur GmbH

Office 365 and Dynamics CRM