Collaboration fosters creativity, innovation, and serendipitous discovery. It also gives everyone a role in success, enabling you to realise business agility, operational efficiency as well as workplace satisfaction.

Why is collaboration so compelling now? The sweeping adoption of social media is driving higher the expectations for technology in the workplace and changing the dynamic between companies and their customers. Collaboration is all about transforming how you work together to drive competitive advantage for your enterprise. By connecting people, improving content and optimising processes – in addition to making it easier to find the right people and right content when you need it – you add value to the organisation.


Axtrion provides Office 365 consulting that will help you to find ways to leverage the cloud, allowing your business to do more on a smaller budget. Moving to the cloud is a step that is going to have a significant impact on all your business processes. Cloud can create challenges around infrastructure deployment, data management, and end-user consumption. On the other hand, especially small and midsized businesses can expect huge advantages by moving into the cloud. A good way for gaining a competitive advantage for your business is to find a balance between the cost, opportunity and risk.

Axtrion Consulting Services include providing detailed analysis and information about all Office 365 features and components as explained below:



Axtrion helps you understand the benefits of using Exchange Online and advises you regarding the organization of your emails, the corresponding configuration in Exchange Online and your client applications according to your business processes.

You get an Email system, which is designed for your specific needs and offers the following basic functions:

  • Email, shared calendars, and contacts across devices
  • Secure access through Office 365 security mechanisms
  • 99,9% uptime guarantee
  • 50 GB of storage per user with extra storage for archiving
  • Industry-leading anti-malware protection and anti-spam filtering



Axtrion advises and supports you in the installation and use of Microsoft Teams as a modern shared workspace for chats, online meetings, file sharing, and work together in different apps. Axtrion helps customers in replacing conventional telephony with Microsoft Teams, which can be combined with Phone System, Calling Plan, and Direct Routing for business calling on a global scale. Also, Axtrion uses Teams to provide a subsequent IT support for our customers.

Microsoft Teams will provide you with the following features:
  • Meetings:
    • Online Meetings; audio, video and web conferences
    • Live events; webinars, company-wide events, and presentations with up to 10,000 attendees
    • Audio conferencing; global dial-in number to let people join Teams meetings
    • One-Click screen sharing and real-time note-taking
    • a direct link to Axtrion support
  • Calling:
    • Phone System; PBX capabilities including call control in Office 365
    • Paired with Direct Routing or a Calling Plan Teams replaces on-premises PBX 
    • Group Call pick up; custom groups to allow a group of people to answer the calls
    • Shared line appearance; shared number with multiple lines for multiple calls
    • Call park; put a call on hold and allow other users to answer on any phone after entering a code
  • Integrated Workspace
    • Apps; add your favorite Microsoft, external, and custom solutions to your (shared) work environment
    • Data Security; advanced security controls with Microsoft Teams including data loss prevention, information barriers, retention policies, eDiscovery, legal hold, and more
    • Compliance; Microsoft offers a comprehensive set of compliance offerings to help customers comply with national, regional, and industry-specific requirements governing the collection and use of data



Axtrion installs SharePoint Online as part of Office 365, analyzes your file storage structures and advise you in terms of innovative data organization for a secure and collaborative access.

SharePoint Online provides you with the following features:

  • 1 TB of document storage per user
  • Centralised document storage with always up-to-date data
  • Structured storage in project sites to accommodate both project emails and project documents
  • Optional automatic version management for change tracking / change management
  • Document sharing with people outside your organisation with full control
  • Effective authorization and access control for sharing documents with internal and external project stakeholders



Axtrion advises and supports you in introducing Office 365 in your company. After analysing your existing IT infrastructure and the requirements concerning your business processes, Axtrion proposes a step-wise plan to integrate Office 365 according to your business needs.

With Office 365 you get

  • Always the latest version of Microsoft Office applications that are always up-to-date
  • Office Apps, optimised for Tablets and SmartPhones for great mobile experience
  • Fully automatic synchronization of documents on PCs and mobile devices for offline access
  • Automatic re-sync to your Office 365 repository once internet connection is restored
  • Office Apps include professional templates to choose from instead of starting from scratch


We offer the following service packages for a successful implementation and integration of Office 365 for your business.





The use of Office 365 affects together with the IT also your business processes and workforce. Hence, careful strategic planning is required with respect to the initial situation of your enterprise and to develop a step-by-step approach for the introduction of Office 365.

Service Description
  • Knowledge Transfer
    • Definition: What is Office 365 and what it is not?
    • Data Protection & Data Security
  • Requirements Analysis
    • IT Systems and Infrastructures (hardware, software, networks, peripheral devices, etc.)
    • Operational and Business Processes
    • User Roles and Responsibilities
  • Plan
    • Transition & Project Plan
    • Integration of Office 365 with further Microsoft Products and Services (SharePoint, Azure)
• Overview of your organizational structures
• A concrete project plan with steps necessary to introduce Office 365
• Added value through optimization potential for your business processes
• A transition plan as the basis for implementation of the following service packages




With the deployment of Office 365 you get the license to use the latest Microsoft Office applications such as MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and further cloud applications.

Service Description
• Deployment and licensing of Microsoft Office 365 for your business
• Establishment of user access to Office 365
• Installation of the latest version of MS Office 2016 on desktop PCs of your employees
• Training and education regarding the use of Microsoft Office 2016
• Microsoft Office as leased software at a very reasonable price
• Always the latest versions of Office suite with fully automatic updates in the background
• Harmonization of software across your enterprise
• Easy to maintain and Support as everyone is using the same version




We support you in data consolidation and transfer to Office 365. In this way, you facilitate your company sites, departments and teams for better cooperation and access to always up-to-date information.

Service Description
  • Exchange Online Migration (E-Mails, Appointments, Contacts, Tasks) from legacy systems such as Google Apps, Exchange Server 2003, 2007.2013 and Lotus Notes
  • Integration of Outlook desktop clients with Exchange Online
  • Configuration of mobile devices (Smart Devices) to connect to Office 365
  • Training of Exchange Online Administration and Outlook
  • Robust Backup of your Email, Calendar and Contacts data
  • Very high System and Data Availability
  • Fully Automatic Backups
  • Legally Compliant Email Archiving
  • Ensuring Business Continuity




By analyzing and reorganizing your email correspondence regarding projects or topics, and storing the data in a central repository in Exchange Online, we help your data getting depersonalized and organized for use by your team.

Service Description
  • Providing a Storage Capacity of 2.5 Terabytes for your emails
  • Setting up Shared Mailboxes as a Central Repository of depersonalized emails
  • Analysing, Grouping and Sorting Emails with respect to the topics in Shared Mailboxes for Optimal Collaboration in Projects
  • Role-based Assignment of Access Rights for a Controlled Email Management in different scenarios (Projects, Departments, Organizational Hierarchies, …)
  • Structured storage of Emails after Topics or Projects
  • Protection of Emails against unauthorized access
  • Quasi unlimited Email storage capacity
  • Consistent and Centralized Email Management
  • Data Access to your Emails, Calender appointments, Contacts, etc… anytime, anywhere from any device
  • Optimization and Acceleration of Business Processes




The use of Office 365 enables small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to use SharePoint Online as a Document Management platform for their business. SharePoint Online leads to an optimization of cooperation and collaboration. Whether between the departments within the company or with external partners, shared access to centrally stored documents is easily implemented with SharePoint Online.

Service Description
  • Setting up SharePoint Online basic structure and authorization concept according to your Business Processes
  • Migration of your Documents in SharePoint Online
  • Setting up One Drive for Business for synchronizing the OneDrive and SharePoint Document Containers
  • Ensuring Business Improvement through data reorganization and process control
  • Defintion of automated Workflows
  • Centralized Document Management with Database and File System
  • Continuous Document Backup in the Cloud
  • Prevention of redundancies and access to obsolete data
  • Strict authorization control for secure access to sensitive documents
  • Real-time Access of Project Teams and external Partners on SharePoint Lists und Document Libraries
  • Better organization and data retrieval by enriching the documents with descriptive metadata
  • Integrated, configurable process control for automation of business processes




Microsoft Teams improves communication and provides an integrated collaboration platform. Through the use of Microsoft Teams small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) now have the possibility of replacing on-premises PBX for a modern and state-of-the-art business calling solution to improve communication.

Service Description
  • Installation of Microsoft Teams clients on Desktop PCs in your firm
  • System Configuration to connect the Clients to Office 365 user account
  • Configuration of audio and video hardware (Headsets, Microphone, Speakers, Cameras, etc.)
  • Integration of Outlook and Teams contact data granting authorization for the visibility of user’s online status
  • Conception and configuration of Telephony / business calling for your firm including configuration of direct routing, group call and / or shared line appearance
  • Rollout and training for users and admins
  • Improved collaboration between teams and with external partners
  • Highly stable Video Conferencing System
  • Productivity gains and enriched communication
  • Optimal multi-party HD Video Conferencing
  • Real-time Screen Sharing with remote control for more collaboration and support
  • Seamless integration with other Office 365 application such as SharePoint, OneDrive, Planner, and more
  • Integrated phone solution with state-of-the-art features


Even after the implementation of Office 365 we support you in dealing with the new system, with the integration of other IT Systems and third-party software, as well as other IT issues. Our support focuses on a comprehensive quality management and extensive training for your IT administrators and users.

Axtrion’s support portfolio provides you with flexible and cost-effective services for Office 365 and your IT infrastructure at hand.

Trainings and Workshops

Office 365 Training for Administrators

These courses are designed for administrators who want to switch to the cloud or have already taken the step to Office 365 and now need assistance to extend their experience. If desired, training contents can be adjusted to the needs of the participants.

This training covers the following topics:

  • Pre-requisites of an Office 365 Migration Plan
  • Overview and Introduction of the Office 365 Administration Portal
  • Configuration of your company’s domain in Office 365
  • User Management
  • Policy Management regarding Passwords, data archiving, etc…
  • Administration of Exchange Online Server
  • Administration of SharePoint Online
  • Operation of Microsoft Teams as a Cloud PBX System
  • Operation of Exchange Online, Active Directories
Office 365 Training for Users
The Office 365 user training is designed for Microsoft Office users from Project and Sales teams to give a basic understanding of the Microsoft Online Services and the collaboration opportunities provided by Office 365. It does not deal with Basic functionalities of Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), but requires a basic knowledge of these tools.

This training covers the following topics:

  • Overview of Office 365 Components (Exchange Online, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, Office Online Services)
  • Outlook Web Apps (OWA) for web-based Management of emails, appointments and contacts
  • OneNote for managing, sharing and real time collaborative editing of digital notes
  • Connection of mobile devices to Office Web Apps
  • Overview and concepts of collaborative Document Management in SharePoint Online
  • Chat, Audio and Video conferencing with Microsoft Teams
  • Creation and configuration of Microsoft Teams as integrated collaboration environment
  • Integration of Office 365 applications in Microsoft Teams
  • Overview and concepts of collaborative Document Management in SharePoint Online
SharePoint Online Training
This training course teaches you how to deal with SharePoint lists, document libraries, metadata, workflow and access rights management. The course is aimed at both Administrators, project managers and project staff.

This training covers the following topics:

  • Overview of different SharePoint Sites
  • Organization and Configuration of a SharePoint Site
  • Introduction to SharePoint Lists and Libraries
  • Collaborative Document Management with SharePoint Lists and Libraries
  • Creation of SharePoint Lists and Configuration of the parameters
  • Creation of user specific views in Lists and Libraries
  • Data synchronization with OneDrive for Business

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Worldwide IT Support

Axtrion offers its customers worldwide IT support. By using Microsoft Teams Axtrion can assist your employees worldwide directly in solving the problem through shared screen and chat, audio or video conference and view.

Response Time
Secure yourself over low-cost Service Level Agreements (SLA) a 24/7/365 support for your global corporate network. Axtrion SLAs are underpinned by Microsoft SLAs and offered with a contractually fixed response time.

Quality Management

Documentation for DIN EN ISO 9001 (QM System)
  • Quality Management Manuals
  • Process Descriptions
  • Procedural and Work Instructions
  • Inspection Instructions
  • Check Lists and Forms
  • Documentation of Corrective and Preventive Measures
  • Documents for Planning, Steering and Execution of Workflows
Documentation for ISO 27000 (IT Security)
  • Documentation for the Management of Information Security Processes
  • Process Descriptions
  • Concepts for the implementation of security mechanisms
  • Operational Instruction Manuals to ensure compliance with safety measures
  • Evidence Documentation for the Implementation
Technical Documentation
  • Technical and Functional Specifications
  • Requirements Specifications
  • Individual Application Manuals
  • Application specific Manuals / White Papers